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Research Scoping: 2 hours of research and assessment time giving an indication of potential sources available from an initial search and details of any birth/baptism records. This report includes advice on potential next steps - €120. You can fill out the Scoping Report research form making sure you add as much information as possible about your ancestor, including details of the record sources you have already located. I will contact you with my findings, or you can consider which of the research options below suits you best. Go to my shop to learn more.

General Family History: 4-6 hours research and a report showing what information is available from a broad range of sources like the census, civil and church records, land, court, and other records. This report provides (where records are available) information back in time about an ancestor. Cost €240. Go to my shop to learn more.
















Family & Social History Package: For those who have already undertaken research about their family but now want to know more about what life was like. Perhaps you want to better understand the records created at the time (including the census, land, and other relevant records above) the context in which the family lived or were educated, and how the landscape shaped their lives. Cost: €280. Go to my shop to learn more.

Special Research Requests: If you have a more focused research question or a general query, get in touch and I'll do my best to help.


Visiting Ireland: If you are coming to Ireland to research your ancestors, please get in touch as I can try to identify your family's home-place and arrange a visit, where possible. There are so many interesting places to discover! 

Michael Glynn (left), and friend, Kilbannon, Tuam, Co. Galway

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Handmade Gate Irishtown, Co. Mayo

Handmade Gate, Irishtown, Co. Mayo