Knowing your place and people

A Land Commission Man

Records tell us all about our ancestors; where they lived, where they died, where they went to mass, what they ate, how many children they had and how they travelled. People though, bring the records to life and tell their own stories. So, what kind of story would you tell?

His people would tell you that he was a Land Commission man and that he always kept his Land Commission Notebook in his inside breast pocket. They'd say he had a metal box for dynamite that he kept at the back door and a revolver that he never fired. They’d tell you that he was one of the first to own a car but that he was a kind man and often gave his surplus fuel to his neighbours. They might also tell you about the time his son stole the revolver and sold it to the vet’s son for the price of a ticket to the cinema.

Records can tell you some things, let people fill in the gaps.

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